Terms and Conditions

1. All Bidders will be identified by number rather than by name. The Auctioneer will record all sales under your bidder number only. US Auctions hereinafter is referred to as USA. USA reserves the right to refuse registration to any individual, Company or Dealer. The auction is digitally recorded. These terms/conditions apply to ALL Bidders!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2. All items are offered "AS IS, WHERE IS" as announced at the time of sale. Notice to Buyer: the vehicles/associated equipment are sold as and where is and with all faults, Seller/USA makes no warranties, express or implied as to the equipment. The Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless USA from any/all damages, injuries, and/or causes of action which may involve any equipment, vehicle, and/or associated equipment occurring subsequent to the date of this sale or such equipment, vehicle, and/or associated equipment. !!

3. All sales are final, upon the award of bid a 30% deposit is required by CASH, CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CERTIFIED CHECK, or BANK LETTER OF GUARANTEE (which must be received 3 days prior to the auction). ABSOLUTELY no 3rd party checks. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid on the day of the sale or no later than Monday after the auction at 3pm; and in any event, prior to the removal of any lot. The auction deposit shall be retained by USA for application against any such deficiency, expense or charge as liquidated damages or cancellation of purchase. NO REFUNDS OR ADJUSTMENTS!!!

4. The following fees apply to all sales NO exceptions: Buyers fee: $150 up to $1000 - 15.5% on $1000 & over and on all M, 17.5% on all internet sales over $1000; Gate Release Fees: $75 on all regular lots - $15 all M, J lots, Smog Fee: $50, $8 Smog Cert fee, Sales Tax/DMV fees where applicable, DMV fees are estimated. Registration requirements: CA DL/ID, Out-of-state/country license will require a $500 refundable cash deposit. Late fees will be applied on all late payments on purchases made. Any purchase made and then cancelled will be subject to the Buyer's Fee & Gate Fee to be paid for in cash and any deposit made on such purchase will be forfeited to US Auctions. USMS auctions require that all fees be paid in full within one (1) hour upon completion of the auction, NO fees will be collected after that time frame, if vehicles are purchased and paid for in full they may be picked up no later than Monday following the auction. This applies to USMS auctions only!! All purchases made at the auction held in Benicia, CA MUST be paid in full immediately following the auction unless otherwise announced! 30% deposit on total sale is required if the entire purchase can't be paid on auction day. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO ANY OF THESES CONDITIONS!!!!

5. US AUCTIONS WILL NOT be responsible for any lots damaged or lost at the auction site during and after the auction. All purchases MUST be removed from the auction site by Monday at 5pm following the auction, otherwise storage fees will apply at commercial rates starting on Tuesday after the sale and late fees of $25/day will be added to your final bill. All lots left at the auction yard for more than 30 days will be re-sold by US Auctions to recuperate storage fees. This includes ALL bidders...........NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

6. All funds MUST clear US Auctions bank before paperwork/vehicles will be released. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

7. If a dispute arises the Buyer will pay any/all legal fees.!!

8. US Auctions reserves the right to refuse registration to ANY individual, company or Dealer! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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