About US Auctions
Company Profile

US Auctions conducts monthly auctions in California, bringing together an eclectic mix of vechicles, vans, pickup trucks, utility trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, refuse trucks, roll off trucks, aerial trucks used in utility and tree industries, digger derricks, backhoes, front loaders, skiploaders, skid steers, cranes and more.

Key Personnel

US Auctions was formed by a team of individuals who have been actively involved in the auction industry for over 55 years.

Led by Armando Camarena, who began his career in 1988, he has conducted auctions across the United States, from salesman to Senior Vice President of a large auction, to owner of US Auctions. Mr. Camarena has conducted auctions on behalf of cities, counties, state and federal agencies, construction companies, major utility companies. He has extensive experience in local, state and federal seizures and has worked with law enforcement in the sale of over millions of dollars in forfeiture seizures.

Vice President Marco Galvan has been in the auction industry since 1990. For 18 years he has worked in all aspects of the auctioneering process, on-site as well as off-site. His extensive knowledge of the electric utility line, forestry and construction equipment as well as the truck and automobile markets makes him a valuable asset to US Auctions. Mr. Galvan leads a team of professionals in the entire turn key process of an auction.

Each and Every Employee

Each Employee has been extensively trained in the auction industry and is capable, dependable and dedicated to ensuring the 100% satisfaction of all buyers and sellers.

Certified by the National Auctioneers Association.     
Member of California State Auctioneers Association.
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